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I was in Palm Springs, California for the first weekend of Coachella. The entire Klique team was there to debut the beta version of the app. We also co-branded with REVOLT and Beats Music at two house parties. It was a good time, and we got a lot done.

Driving back Los Angeles to catch our flights took much longer than anticipated. It was stop-and-go traffic in the middle of the California dessert. Thankfully, we had a lot of music to bump. One of the albums we played from start to finish was Kanye West’s Yeezus.

The first time I listened to Yeezus, I was in an office, in front of a screen. I didn’t like the album outside of a handful of songs.

Listening to Yeezus while driving through the California desert completely changed my thoughts of the album. It felt like I was hearing a completely different album; a better album.

Here’s the takeaway: A music experience is one part music quality and one personal context. It’s about how good the music is, and also what setting you are in when you hear it.

The perception you have of the content is dependent on the context.

The same idea can be applied to marketing experiences. The setting of the person you’re marketing to makes a meaningful impact on the overall perception they have of the marketing experience.

This is an idea that I’ll plan on discussing more in future posts.

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