Chris Franco

In 2016, Franco founded Woodridge Growth, a marketing firm that provides services to Jet, FanDuel, Miss USA, and a host of other companies in New York City and beyond.

Chris Franco is recognized as one of the country’s most innovative marketers. Here is what people are saying about Chris Franco. A bio is below.

“Chris Franco has that uncanny ability to search through his brain and connect people to other people or connect people to ideas, places, or websites that will help them. In my 20+ years in this business, I’ve met a ton of people who have asked me for favors and asked me to help them– Chris is one of the few folks I know who has repeatedly offered to help me accomplish something without asking anything in return. He’s a rare gem in a thoughtless industry, has outstanding ideas, and is brilliant at connecting the dots. I’ve yet to meet anyone as thorough as Chris in this business!” –Wendy Day

Chris Franco is among the most talented and entrepreneurial marketers I have had the privilege of working with. He is the best example of a T-shaped modern marketer: deep expertise in Search, Social and Mobile marketing, and broadly knowledgeable about technology, business, and people. He is an adaptive thinker, a born leader and a lifelong learner. He doesn’t have to “lean into” change; Chris is change. Above all, Chris is a real guy; Midwest work ethic and Northeast smarts. He listens before he speaks, recognizes the value of being understanding before being understood, keeps his promises, and consistently plays the game to win” –Jason Newport

More about Chris Franco

As chief growth officer at Miner Labs, Franco directs the company’s marketing, branding, and acquisition strategies. Under Franco’s leadership, the company’s first consumer product, the Miner iPhone shopping app, has become one of the fastest growing apps on the App Store.

Franco’s successful track record dates back to his college days at Denison University. It was there that Franco, without a marketing budget, began building an audience of 160,000 unique monthly readers. The story was recently documented here.

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