How To Build Your Brand Like Angie Martinez

I love hearing the perspective of people who built strong brands in the pre-digital era, and have successfully transitioned into present day. Angie Martinez is a prime example. During her interview on The Breakfast Club, Martinez shared his perspective on how the media has changed over the years.

It’s the easy thing to go for the [sensational] blog headline or whatever is going to get you a click online. That’s like fast food. It’s cool in the moment, but sometimes it deteriorates people’s brands because then who are you? [It makes you] a slave to a click or how many likes you get or how many posts you make. I feel like people lose themselves chasing the immediate hotness. Like, ‘Oh they’re talking about me today,” where it’s good or bad. I feel like that takes away from authenticity. You have to be patient. You have to be able to build an honest brand…

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