Spotify Playlists For Fictional TV Characters

Halt And Catch Fire

Fans of AMC’s new show “Halt and Catch Fire” can listen to character-specific playlists on Spotify curated by the show’s music supervisor Thomas Golubić. Pretty cool move by AMC that also shows-off one of Spotify’s best features.

There are a lot of people trying to figure out how to link your TV set to your phone or tablet for a “second screen” experience. Here is one that actually makes a lot of sense: Spotify playlists for major characters in “Halt and Catch Fire,” AMC’s show about the PC business in the early ’80s.

These aren’t soundtracks for the show, though sometimes songs that appear on the drama will appear on the playlists, assembled by Thomas Golubić, the show’s music supervisor.

Instead, each playlist is supposed to “help elaborate on the different characters and their headspace, to articulate their journey with music,” said Golubić, who has also provided music for shows like “Breaking Bad” and “Six Feet Under.”


Currently the Joe MacMillan playlist has 963 subscribers. That might not seem huge, but I imagine those core fans of the show love it. Plus, “Halt and Catch Fire” is in it’s infancy. It debuted June 1st. I’m interested to track the growth.

Has anyone seen the show? It sounds interesting, no pun intended.

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