Facts Only: How Facebook Set The Record Straight About Messenger App

Facebook Messenger is a great app, but there was some initial concern that Facebook was using the app to listen to your conversations. Facebook’s response is a great example of how to handle a public misconception. I wanted to document it.

You might have heard the rumors going around about the Messenger app. Some have claimed that the app is always using your phone’s camera and microphone to see and hear what you’re doing. These reports aren’t true, and many have been corrected. Still, we want to address some concerns you might have.

Source: Get the Facts About Messenger

My Apple Watch Insight Covered By Forbes

Apple Watch is coming next month. I was recently quoted in Forbes.com about why Apple Watch will be a game changer. Let me know if you agree or disagree with what I told Kate Ashford:

“Upon release, the Apple Watch promises to do things like let you pay for products with a wave of your wrist and unlock a door without a key. And that’s just the start of it. “The apps that people develop for Apple Watch will make the product do things current devices won’t do,” says Chris Franco, chief growth officer at virtual store Miner. “Apple Watch is a canvas waiting for developers to paint.”

I said it and I meant it: Apple Watch is a canvas waiting for developers to paint! Don’t forget to tell me if you agree or disagree in the comments.

Also: If you are looking for the latest news on Apple Watch, I recently discovered WatchAware. They also have a section with interactive previews of upcoming Apple Watch apps that is worth a look. This list of available Apple Watch apps is good, too.

This Is The Craziest Thing You’ll Read About Tinder Today

Tinder Swipe Photo

That’s a lot of swipes

If you’re not familiar with Tinder, it’s a dating app that shows you the faces of people in your area. When a new face appears, you have two options. Swipe right if you think they’re hot; swipe left if not. If some you ‘right-swiped’ swipes right on your photo, you have the ability to chat with them. Tinder let’s you take it from there.

I know plenty of people have gone on dates with people they met via Tinder matches, and all of them have lived to tell the story.

One of the craziest statistics from Mary Meeker’s latest recently-released Internet Trends report (.pdf) is about Tinder. Specifically, how there were over 800 million swipes per day on Tinder in 2013. That’s +21x Y/Y. That’s whoa!

I’m looking forward to when Tinder advertises how many people have found their husband/wife using their dating app. At this rate, it won’t be long until that starts happening. Or maybe it has?