App Review: Drake VS Lil Wayne

Two of the biggest names in music, Drake and Lil Wayne, just kicked off a nationwide, Street Fighter inspired tour appropriately titled Drake Vs Lil Wayne. That’s a news story in itself. What peaked my interest is the recently-released Drake Vs Lil Wayne app because it’s an outside-the-box marketing tactic that engages fans in a unique way.

Ok, so at this point you probably want to know what the Drake Vs Lil Wayne app is like. If you do, check out my Drake Vs Lil Wayne review in video-form (below) which features me using the app for the first time and talking about it. I’ll probably win some type of award for it.

The Drake Vs Lil Wayne app is intended for fans who have purchased tickets to see the two Young Money rappers perform in their city. The idea here is you are supposed to come to the show with the Drake Vs Lil Wayne app already downloaded. At the appropriate moment during the show, fans are encouraged to pull out their phones, load up the app, and power-up the rapper they want to see perform first.

This is the kind of marketing experience I’ve been talking about.

Drake Vs Lil Wayne App

I do have some questions, though. How do they measure who gets the most power i.e. what rapper has the most fans powering-them-up with the Street Fighter inspired lighting bolts? Maybe I’m just overly skeptical, but I doubt there’s any way to measure. It’s just fun way to get fans involved and enhancing the whole Drake versus Lil Wayne competitive vibe.

What do you think? I’d love to get Neil’s opinion. And yours, too. Leave me a comment below.

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