MTV Awarded Me For Knowing These Teenage Slang Words

Teenage Slang Words Quiz by MTV

Earlier this week Jason invited me to drop by the Carat offices for a “MTV Presents: Younger Millennials”. It was another great Reinvention event. At the end of the presentation and panel, all attendees were invited to participate in “Real Teen Tweets”, a game where we we had to fill in real tweets with the appropriate slang word. The first three people to finish it and get it 100% correct won $100 Adidas gift cards. I am proud to share with you that not only did I score a 100%, I was first to do so.

No one is more proud of this victory than me. Every one I’ve shared this tremendous accomplishment with seems to think it’s strange that I know all the lingo that teenagers are using these days. I’ve been asked things like, “How do you know what thot means?!” I wish I could say it’s because all my homies are 14, but that’s just not the case.

As a marketing professional, I just like to think of my victory as validation. It’s validation that I’m the coolest, hippest, most relevant marketing dude in the game. It says: I know people, and I know how different groups of people communicate. It’s not really not that serious, though.

Here’s the words we had to choose from: thot, bae, ratchet, thirsty, dead, turnt, slay, shade, ship, basic

Want to try taking the quiz? I made a google doc version for you.

I’ve added a .pdf of my winning quiz so you can get a laugh and maybe learn some new slang words at the same time.

PDF of my winning quiz: MTV Slang Words Quiz

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